PrepAdemy™ Announces Summer Schedule for CPCU Online Classes

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PrepAdemy™ Announces Summer Schedule for CPCU Online Classes

PrepAdemy™ Announces Summer Schedule for CPCU Online Classes
Interactive weekly classes also available for ARM, AU, AIC, AINS, and AAI.

Chandler, AZ:  PrepAdemy™ provides live online course instruction for The Institutes™ CPCU, ARM, AU, AIC, AINS and AAI designation programs. The following interactive online classes start in May:

CPCU 500 – Foundations of Risk Management and Insurance – May 29

CPCU 555 – Personal Risk Management and Property Casualty Insurance – May 27

AU 60 – Commercial Underwriting Principles – May 29

ARM 55 – Risk Assessment and Treatment – May 12

AIC 30 – Claim Handling Principles and Practices – May 28

AIC 31 – Property Claim Practices – May 14

AAI 81 – Foundations of Insurance Production – May 12

AINS 22 – Personal Insurance – May 27

Risk managers, underwriters, claims adjusters, agents and many other professionals earn designations to demonstrate their commitment to continued education and ethics in the risk and insurance industry. PrepAdemy provides interactive guided instruction using GoToWebinar in a live online weekly class. PrepAdemy subject matter experts can help you learn the course material and prepare for the exam by relating concepts to real world examples. PrepAdemy’s unique blended learning methodology includes online weekly classes with live student interactions, pre and post class email communication, notes pages, chat tips, review exercises and access to recordings (for those who missed the live class). These live online weekly classes are great for auditory and social learners who need extra guidance and assistance to stay on track with their studies.

PrepAdemy is listed on The Institutes™ website as a public course sponsor and provides live online weekly instruction for students preparing to pass exams for CPCU, ARM, AU, AIC, AINS and AAI designation programs.


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Sandra L. Masters, CPCU, ITP has more than 20 years experience in sales, marketing, and training and development in the insurance industry.  She is a member and currently serves as Webinar Producer for the Society of Insurance Trainers & Educators (SITE). She is also an active member in the Arizona CPCU Chapter serving on the I-Day committee. She is the founder of PrepAdemy™, a Virtual Classroom Community for Students Preparing to PASS Institute Exams. Sandy completed her undergraduate degree in Finance from Chico State University, received an MBA from Sacramento State University, and earned the Advanced Certificate in Internet Marketing from University of San Francisco Online. Previously, she was a sales executive for the American Institute for CPCU and Insurance Institute of America, currently known as The Institutes™.