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Watch this Free Info Webinar Recording that provides more information on CPCU, ARM/ERM/RMPE, AIC, AU, AINS, AAI Live and Online Virtual Classes through the PrepAdemy Virtual Classroom Community. Be sure to complete the form below if you would like to be notified of class start dates.

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Are you considering adding a professional designation to your development goals?

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This FREE informational webinar is designed for new students of The Institutes professional designation programs and those who are seriously considering earning the CPCU, ARM/ERM/RMPE, AIC, AAI, AU and/or AINS designations. Watching this recorded webinar will give you all the information and tools you need to achieve your educational goals. For those considering completing a professional designation program, learn why others have decided to earn the designation and the value they continue to receive today. Discover the answer to WIIFM – What’s in it for me?

This one hour recorded webinar will answer these questions:

• What is required to earn the CPCU, ARM/ERM/RMPE, AIC, AAI, AU and AINS designations?
• Can you share study tips from successful students?
• How do I complete the Ethics requirement?
• Are there practice exams available?
• Should I self-study for exams?
• What are the exams like?
• What are my options for guided instruction through PrepAdemy™? Other providers?
• How are the live and online weekly classes structured through PrepAdemy™?
• Show me the Hawaii CPCU completion track!
• LIVE Q&A with a real person!

Even if you decide you do not want to take a PrepAdemy™ live and online class, this information will be valuable to you as a self-study student.

What makes PrepAdemy™ live and online weekly classes unique?

• Expert instruction that balances test preparation with real world education
• Highly interactive and engaging weekly sessions keep you on track for SUCCESS!
• “In class” opportunity to ask questions, share stories, and compete for the “Most Interested Student” award!
• Join online classes from anywhere in the world, using your PC/Mac, Tablet or Smart Phone.
• Each live weekly class is recorded so you don’t have to worry about missing instruction due to travel and unexpected schedule conflicts.
• 65% of PrepAdemy students have never taken a virtual class or The Institutes exams. Your “Guide on the Side” provides students with all the details about important deadlines and study tips, and provides motivation and support before, during and after the live class experience.
• Opportunity to join a social community with your peers from across the globe.

Student Testimonials:

“I want to thank you for the efforts you put into providing the opportunity for those seeking an alternative to self-study. Most people taking these exams are working adults with families and you provide an outlet for those needing the discipline of a classroom setting, but not actually needing to sit in a class. I especially like how you partner with professionals in the industry to teach their area of expertise.” Stephanie S. – Georgia

“I have been very impressed with PrepAdemy. I have taken both live classes and recorded classes. My instructors have always been very knowledgeable. I think it is awesome to be able to interact with the live classes and ask questions. The challenge of competing for the “Most Interested Student” award has been so much fun if you are the least bit competitive like myself. I think the homework assignments along with the practice smart quiz questions help a lot, it keeps you engaged. I have always gone back and listened to the recordings again when studying for the exam and found that super helpful to have access to those. I would recommend PrepAdemy to everyone!” Julie K. – Wisconsin

“PrepAdemy is a great program to help you prepare for the Accredited Advisor of Insurance (AAI) exam. I found PrepAdemy when I was searching for online classes to help me prepare for my upcoming AAI 81 exam and I am so glad that I did. Even though with my work schedule, I was not able to attend any of the live classes, I could access the class recordings anytime. The classes were structured to cover a section of the book each week; therefore, they helped me stay on track for my approaching exam. In addition to the weekly classes, I was emailed a copy of the weekly presentation to review and make class notes on, chat tips, and worksheets for additional reinforcement of the material.” Kathy H. – Kentucky

“Many times when taking self-study courses or online classes, I have felt like if I had questions or did not understand the material, I had nowhere to turn for help. It is not that way with PrepAdemy. I could call or email the instructor with any questions or concerns that I had about the material and they were happy to assist in any way. Along with the class, I read the material and practiced with the smart quizzes weekly. This course was not something I could have prepared for in a short period of time. I needed a structured study plan to help me study the material and classes to reinforce and explain the material that I had read. Thanks PrepAdemy for helping me prepare for and pass the AAI 81 exam! I am looking forward to continuing this journey with the PrepAdemy AAI 82 class that starts in a few weeks.” Kathy H. – Kentucky

“To say PrepAdemy offers a value added product is an understatement. I live more than an hour from the closest classroom offering to pass The Institutes Associate in Risk Management ARM designation series. Sandy’s choices of instructors that bring the chapters to life have been top notch. The chat tips and chapter review presentations finish a well-designed offering. If you are looking for a way to give yourself the best opportunity to pass these exams you have found the right product.” Wayne W. – Washington

“PrepAdemy was a great resource in earning my AIC designation. Through four courses I have taken the live class as well as downloaded the recordings at times when my schedule didn’t allow me to participate live. Both options have their benefits but I found them both to be of value. Although the live classes presented the best opportunity to ask questions and interact with others I also found that the recorded classes were just as valuable and I could always go back and listen at my own leisure. The instructors are very knowledgeable and make themselves available at all times, even at moments when I was not enrolled in a course but just had a question or needed assistance. PrepAdemy was a great tool in providing me with the knowledge I needed to complete my designation and I would recommend it to anyone seeking an extra boost to ensure success on your next exam.” Jaron W. – Arizona

“PrepAdemy helped me to complete the final step of my CPCU designation. I was not sure if I would like an online class, since I never did one before, so I went with the recorded class. By having the recording to listen to and review, as often as needed, I was able to get a better understanding of the material in the book and better prepare for the exam. At first I thought I would only have the recording to listen to, but I quickly realized it was much more. The extra support of having help just an e-mail or phone call away if needed. The quick and informative responses to any and all of my questions. The time you took to break things down step by step. It was just what I needed.” Louise C. – New Jersey

“I recently passed my AIC 32 exam after taking the PrepAdemy live on-live classes. I found the expertise of the instructor and his ability to relate the material to practical situations and current events to be exceptional. Providing us with review exercises as we proceeded through the course was extremely helpful in keeping the material that was covered initially fresh in my mind. I truly felt that my success was their ultimate goal and their flexibility in guiding the course to fit each students needs was invaluable. So thank you and I can’t wait for the next class!” Brandon J. – Ohio

“PrepAdemy provided the perfect framework for me to successfully pass ARM 54. Preparing for and attending weekly classes and reviewing provided homework questions and answers were the right education formula for me and my busy schedule. The host/producer and instructor’s focus and expertise directly contributed to my passing ARM 54 on my first attempt. Thank you!” Deanna C. – Arizona

“The class at PrepAdemy was interactive and informative. Their presentation of the information was a very helpful in learning the material and reviewing for the exam. Thanks, PrepAdemy!” Theresa K. – Wisconsin

“It really helped so much to listen to the recordings for AINS21. I thought both of the teachers were very good and knowledgeable and helped to bring out the subject matter and made it interesting. I have already taken my AINS21 test and passed with a Good which is a 80-89 score. I am not good about studying on my own and don’t have a lot of time, so I would say that PrepAdemy is the reason for my good score.” Calvin G. – Texas

“I was unable to participate in a live class session, but I used the recorded sessions, notes, and chat tips for preparation for the ARM 56 exam. These sessions helped me immeasurably, and I was able to pass the exam on my first attempt.” Ryan L. – Virginia

“I passed my exam this morning! Thank you so much for all your help. I felt very prepared for the test and the PrepAdemy course is a big reason why I did so well! I look forward to starting ARM 55!” Kevin K. – New York

“Extremely easy to set up and join classes. Very professional! Made going to class a whole lot easier.” Scott M. – Texas

“My frustration with other study methods and with self-study in general lies in that I am definitely an auditory learner. I decided I needed a group environment and I began researching my options. Resources to participate in an “in person” group in my area were very limited. I selected PrepAdemy for several reasons: 1) The information that is pertinent to the exam is what is focused on. 2) You can refer back to the recordings if you have a question later or for exam review. 3) Tremendous flexibility in when you access the materials. 4) The materials themselves were excellent, the handouts make an excellent review material that you can take away from the computer and have as a portable aid. 5) Sandy is genuinely interested in the success of her students!” Chris M. – Florida

“Connecting to the online class is very simple. Having the online class kept me accountable to do the reading and course guide work every week, which I believe made a significant difference in my ability to pass the exam. Just reading the text and doing practice exams would not have been enough, in my opinion. Thank you for making the class available PrepAdemy! See you for ARM 56.” Reina L. – Arizona

“After putting off the final leg of the ARM since 2005, I finally got the instruction I needed to pass ARM 56 and now am the proud owner of the ARM-P designation. I’ll recommend PrepAdemy to anyone who asks.” Steve B. – Colorado

“I read each chapter and completed the course guide from the Institutes, but needed a little extra help. The PrepAdemy audio presentations, interactive slides and reviews helped to clear the mud puddle. Your program helped to bridge the gap and helped me PASS the first of the ARM series. I will be registering for the next two classes! Sandy, Thank You again.” Wayne W. – Washington

DISCLAIMER: The CPCU®, ARM, ARM-E, ARM-P, AIC, AAI®, AU and AINS designations are the property of The Institutes™. PrepAdemy™ is a public course sponsor (listed at The Institutes™ website) that provides guided instruction through live and online weekly classes to help students prepare for the required examinations. Students are conferred the designation by The Institutes™. PrepAdemy™ does not authorize or confer the designations. Contact for program requirements.