Nancy Germond

Nancy Germond

Nancy Germond, MA, SPHR, ARM, AIC, ITP

Nancy Germond is a second-generation insurance professional. Nancy has authored scores of risk-management related articles and is a frequent presenter at insurance conferences. She founded Insurance Writer in 1997, a risk management consulting and training firm.

Nancy was the first risk manager of the City of Prescott, Arizona, the claims manager for The Alliance of Schools for Cooperative Insurance Programs and the risk and claims manager for the Missouri Auto Dealers’ Association Workers’ Compensation Trust.

Nancy holds a BA in Communication and a Masters in Sociology. She earned the Associate in Risk Management designation, the Associate in Claims designation, the Insurance Training Professional certification, and holds a Senior Human Resource Professional designation.

Nancy is a humorous and insightful presenter who not only provides insight into the day-to-day claims operations, but addresses societal impacts on today’s insurance industry.