AINS 23 – Commercial Insurance

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Live online class begins 11/14/19 and ends 1/9/20 Thursdays at 4:30 – 5:45 pm ET

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AINS 23 – Commercial Insurance is one of three courses needed to earn the Associate in General Insurance designation. AINS 23 is considered an intermediate course.

Chapter 1 — Commercial Property Insurance Part 1
Chapter 2 — Commercial Property Insurance Part 2
Chapter 3 — Business Income Insurance
Chapter 4 — Commercial Crime and Equipment Breakdown
Chapter 5 — Inland and Ocean Marine
Chapter 6 — Commercial General Liability Insurance Part 1
Chapter 7 — Commercial General Liability Insurance Part 2
Chapter 8 — Commercial Auto Insurance
Chapter 9 — Workers Compensation and Employers Liability
Chapter 10 — Businessowners and Farm Insurance
Chapter 11 — Specialty Coverages


These class recordings (combined with textbook and course guide study) will help guide you through the course and help you to prepare to take the AINS 23 exam at Prometric or at an Onsite testing center. Book and exam fees are not included in the cost of access to the class recordings.

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AINS 23 – Commercial Insurance will help:

  • Improve effectiveness by learning the fundamentals of commercial insurance and understanding how to apply them
  • Strengthen ability to build a better book of business through an expanded knowledge of commercial coverage