AIC Access to Recordings

AIC Online Classes: The Associate in Claims program teaches you how to reduce time and costs, improve customer satisfaction and retention, and avoid costly lawsuits. With this program, you’ll improve your technical claim handling skills, communication and negotiation skills, good-faith claim handling abilities, and in-depth policy knowledge. Associate in Claims Program Flyer

Access to the class recordings is available now for:

AIC 30 – Claim Handling Principles and Practices
AIC 31 – Property Claim Practices
AIC 32 – Liability Claim Practices
AIC 37 – Managing Bodily Injury Claims
AIC 41 – Property Coverages
AIC 44 – Workers Compensation Claim Practices
AIC 47 – Claims Leadership and Organizational Alignment

You will receive a personalized study schedule along with your access to the recordings, downloadable notes pages, and chat tips from the previous live class.

Prefer to take a live online weekly class instead? Visit the class page for dates and details. Personal tutoring also available.