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AINS Online Classes: The Associate in General Insurance is the perfect program for those new to insurance who would like to build a solid understanding of the property and casualty insurance industry. Enhance your ability to build a better book of business through an expanded knowledge of personal and/or commercial coverages and endorsements. Improve your performance by learning to read an insurance policy, identify loss exposures, and recognize common policy provisions. Better meet your professional responsibilities with an increased technical knowledge of your functional area. Associate in General Insurance Program Flyer.

AINS 23 – Commercial Insurance Principles Live Online Weekly Class Starts September 12th!

Not interested in a live online weekly class experience? Access to the previous class recordings is available now for:

AINS 21 – Property and Liability Insurance Principles
AINS 22 – Personal Insurance
AINS 23 – Commercial Insurance

Visit the recordings tab to register for immediate access to recordings, notes pages, and chat tips from previous classes. All AINS courses will be offered live throughout 2016. Live online weekly classes start in January May and September every year.

See Master Class Schedule for complete listing of future AINS live online weekly classes.

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